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Health & Safety Policies

Updated 3/25/2022

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In order for the community to continue participating safely in activities at the Hopkins Center, we have adopted the following requirements for all Hop events and activities.

If you are symptomatic or feeling unwell, please do not attend. If you are concerned about your health or are unable to meet these requirements, please contact the Box Office to discuss your options. 

Health & Safety Requirements

Masks are required for all Hop attendees when in the lobbies or venues, regardless of vaccination or recent testing status. Masks must remain on when entering or exiting the lobbies and for the duration of the event. We strongly encourage the use of N95s, KN95s or well-fitting disposable surgical masks.

We require that attendees of all Hop events show proof that they meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • They are fully protected against COVID-19. Fully protected means that an individual is fully vaccinated AND has received a booster if they have been eligible for a booster shot for more than 30 days. Find out if you are considered eligible for a booster >

    Anyone fully vaccinated, but not yet eligible for a booster shot, is still considered "fully protected" and able to attend Hop events.

    Individuals are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after their final dose in a vaccine series. Acceptable vaccines are those that received full approval or emergency use authorization by the FDA or those that received or are undergoing assessment for emergency use listing (PDF) by the World Health Organization.
  • They are a current Dartmouth student or employee.
  • They have a negative result of a PCR or NAAT viral COVID-19 test administered within 72 hours of the time of the event.
  • They have a negative result of a rapid antigen COVID-19 test administered by a lab or clinic within 12 hours of the time of the event. We do not accept self-administered rapid tests at this time.
  • They have a positive result of a COVID-19 test administered more than 10 days and less than 90 days from the time of the event

Forms of Proof

Each and every attendee must present proof that they comply with these health screening requirements.

Bindle App
The easiest, fastest and most confidential way for members of the public to show compliance with these policies is through the Bindle app. Bindle is a free and secure app adopted by many cultural institutions to confirm individuals comply with a venue's current health screening protocols. Please note, active Dartmouth students or employees are not required to use Bindle, however, they must present a valid Dartmouth ID for each Dartmouth attendee at the time of entry. 

Please note: All existing Bindle users will need to generate a new Health Pass under our updated Health and Safety policies. Before generating a new pass, you will need to add your booster shot, if you are eligible to do so. Learn how to add a booster shot >

To delete your expired pass, swipe left on the pass then press the trash can icon.

Learn how to use Bindle >

Any attendee who does not use the Bindle app to demonstrate their compliance with health requirements will be required to provide the following:

  • A paper or digital image of a CDC vaccination card showing full vaccination and booster shot if eligible

— OR —

  • A paper or digital image of a SARS-CoV-2 test, administered by a lab or clinic, that includes:
    • the person's name
    • the type of viral test (NAAT or antigen)
    • the entity issuing the test / result (lab, health care clinic)
    • the date indicating when the specimen was collected
    • a negative result of a PCR or NAAT viral test taken within 72 hours; a negative result of an antigen test taken within 12 hours; or a positive result of a PCR or NAAT viral test taken between 10 and 90 days in the past. Please note: a test marked "invalid" or "inconclusive" or "test not processed" is not acceptable.
    • Please note: we do not accept self-administered rapid tests.

— AND —

  • A photo ID, such as a driver's license or other state or nationally-issued form of identification, matching the name on the vaccination card or the test result.

Hopkins Center Box Office

We are not retaining any record of your vaccination status, test results or health information. Information you present for contact tracing purposes will be retained for 30 days before being erased. These policies are subject to change, and we will make efforts to communicate any changes. The Hopkins Center does not promise or guarantee that all patrons, employees or artists on site are vaccinated or without COVID-19. Unvaccinated and/or contagious individuals may be present as a result of exceptions, fraudulent verification or checker error. None of these precautions eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19.