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Stay up to date with the Hop's renovation and expansion project.

Welcome to a new vision for your Hopkins Center for the Arts. Construction has kicked off, and here's what to look forward to:

  • spaces that are accessible, welcoming and bustling with the energy of the artistic process
  • places to gather to experience contemporary live arts, intimate recitals, dance works and interactive experiencesall integrating state-of-the-art technology for sharing work with the world.
  • live arts laboratories for artists, students and faculty to experiment, incubate and create new work.

Here's our Hop Project blog, where you can keep up with our progress. 

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Bentley statue

Bentley Is Back!

May 5

If you’ve missed rubbing Warner Bentley’s nose the last few months, you’ll be happy to know he’s currently at the Courtyard Café. Stop by for some good luck!

Ceramics wheel

Ceramics Studio is Open

Apr 3

Next up, Ceramics Studio Director Jenny Swanson shows us around the studio’s temporary home, in the Black Family Visual Arts Center, Room 333. Come check it out!

Hopper Truck

Ready to Hit the Road

Mar 29

Meet The Hopper (as we like to call it)! It’s our new production rig for storing and transporting the stuff we need to get the arts out everywhere. Welcome to the team… and nice outfit!

Jewelry Class in Wilson Hall

Jewelry Classes Pop Up in Wilson Hall

January 9

While we wait for the brand new Jewelry Studio in the Black Family Visual Arts Center to be completed later this term, students had fun making wire rings in pop-up classes and maker sessions in Wilson Hall.

Hopkins Center for the Arts

Fences going up. . . but the arts can't be contained!

January 4

Construction has officially begun! The Courtyard Cafe is still open - accessible through the Hood Museum.

Jewelry Studio

Jewelry Studio's New Home

Apr 4

And Jewelry/Metal Director Jeff Georgantes welcomes us to the studio’s new home, already buzzing with creation! (In the Black Family Visual Arts Center, Room 333.)


Welcome to the Woodshop

Mar 31

The student workshops are open! Hear from Woodworking Director Greg Elder and Instructor Pete Michelinie about the new space for the Woodshop, located in a modular building on the Maffei Plaza between the Hop and the Black Family Visual Arts Center.

Rollins Chapel

Music & Spirituality at Rollins Chapel

Feb 6

This week sees our first events in the newly reopened Rollins Chapel with two concerts where music and spirituality come together for a transcendent experience. The beautiful, interfaith space will host Kings Returns’ gorgeous a cappella melodies on Wednesday followed by Sally Pinkas’ From Vienna with Love concert on Thursday. Stay tuned for more this winter!

Watch the video >

Costume Shop in Sudikoff Hall

Music & Theater Departments are all settled into Sudikoff

January 7

The two departments with their costumes, props, instruments and file cabinets have relocated to their new home in Sudikoff Hall, where they will be based for the next few years while construction is underway.