Rehearsal Spaces

Rehearsal & Collaboration Spaces

The Hopkins Center provides a variety of rehearsal and collaboration spaces for students, which can be reserved in advance.

Opportunities for rehearsing and collaborating with fellow students can be facilitated by reserving spaces, which are made available by the music and theater departments and by the Hopkins Center.

Most spaces can be secured through Virtual EMS,  using your Dartmouth Net ID and password. Enter your requested date, time and location, then select "Find a space." A list of available venues will be viewable, and by clicking on the name of each space, a list of technology that is available in that particular space will display.

Spaulding Auditorium

Reserving Theaters

Some spaces in the Hopkins Center are not reservable through the Virtual EMS, including the Hop Garage, Spaulding Auditorium and The Moore and Warner Bentley theaters. 

Please address questions about these spaces and other Hop matters to:

Music Department

Reserving in the Department of Music

Certain spaces in the Department of Music are available for rehearsals on a first-come-first-serve basis.  For more information, contact