Hop@Home: Sourdough Dance-Off

Sourdough Dance-Off

A crowd-sourced choreographic project that grows like dough.

Thanks to all of the talented dancers who participated in The Sourdough Dance-off this spring! Each dancer whose video was chosen as a Sourdough Starter was awarded a gift certificate from our local partners at King Arthur Flour. Our first-ever remote, crowd-sourced choreographic project, which was hosted by John Heginbotham and the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble, was so successful that we're bringing it back in the fall!

Sourdough Dance-Off Spring 2020 Compilation


Each week we'll release a starter: a one-minute morsel of delightful choreography. We'll post this choreographic starter here on this page, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Then all you interested movers and dance makers will create your own video dance responses. These are one-minute dances that incorporate the "starter" video in some way. You take something from what you've seen, and then add your own voice, your own ingredients, your own imagination. It's a choreographic reaction. And it also needs to be one minute or shorter.

We'll be gathering these tasty kinetic contributions and sharing them with the world in a weekly video. We'll also pick three video dances to feature, which you'll see in our weekly highlight reel. Over the weekend, you all can vote on which video dance should become the "Sourdough Dance Starter" for the next week.


It's our first-ever remote, crowd-sourced choreographic project, hosted by John Heginbotham and the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble. 

Sourdough Dance Promo

Now through Friday, May 22

  • Every Monday at 9 am: Weekly Sourdough Starter video posted
  • Every Wednesday at midnight: Weekly video submissions are due
  • Every Friday at 3 pm: Weekly highlight video of Sourdough Dance submissions featuring 3 of our favorites.
  • Friday-Sunday at midnight: Audience votes on next week's Sourdough Starter


  • Visit this page or our Facebook or Instagram accounts each Monday morning at 9 am (or later).
  • Compose, create and shoot your one-minute dance video reaction.
  • Submit your video by Wednesday at midnight by sending us an email with the subject line "Sourdough Dance-Off" - please include your name and where you live
  • You can also post your vid to Facebook or Instagram and include both @hopkinscenter and #sourdoughdance
  • Check back here or on our Facebook or Instagram page on Friday at 3 pm to see what this inventive dance community has cooked up! Your video dance may be featured as one of our three favorites for the week. And it might be selected as the next week's starter.

Please submit just one dance entry per week, but feel free to submit a new dance for as many weeks as you would like.

In order to support clear and open exchange of art, we have the right to use all Sourdough Dance-Off submissions in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Sourdough Starters & Selects

Week 5 Highlights

Thank you to all of the excellent dancers who contributed their artful videos this week. We now head toward our FINAL WEEK of the Sourdough Dance-Off! We look forward to seeing what you do with this Monday's ultimate dance starter! Wishing you all well until next week!

Week 2 Starter

Week 1 Starter

April 6

Here's our first #SourdoughDance submission! Thanks to Mykel Nairne '16 for getting us going with the initial Sourdough Dance Starter.

Week 4 Highlights

This was an especially competitive week and we are grateful for the very thoughtful and strong submissions. This week, the submissions included voice, ballet, pets, David Bowie, and our very first Sourdough Dance-Off pas de deux! Thank you to all of the beautiful dancers and dances. Please keep them flowing towards us! 

Week 1 Selects

April 10

Sourdough Dance responces by Nicole Conte, Roviel Arquiza and September Bodel.

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