In the Spirit

In the Spirit

Celebrating Queer and Two-Spirit Performing Arts in Native America.

Native American communities from across the US frequently acknowledge people who hold a third gender, known as two-spirit (though most tribes have their own specific terms). Two-Spirit people are celebrated and often have special ceremonial and social roles in their tribes. In the Spirit is a series that brings together Native performing artists and culture bearers from the Queer and Two-Spirit community across the United States, offering engagement and discussion around their emerging body of work. The series aims to place the performing arts of this community front and center in inclusive and connective celebration.

The In the Spirit series is curated and co-produced in partnership with Andre Bouchard of Indigenous Performance Productions and Beatrice Thomas and Kyle DeVries of Authentic Arts and Media.

In the Spirit: Roundtable Highlights

In the Spirit is supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts through the New England Arts Resilience Fund, part of the United States Regional Arts Resilience Fund, an initiative of the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, with major funding from the federal CARES Act from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In the Spirit artists include multidisciplinary storytellers, dancers, drag artists and poets who examine their Native, Queer and Two-Spirit heritages through traditional and contemporary performance. Their work asks us to consider how our understandings of art and of our histories shift when viewed through an Indigenous perspective. From interactive walking tours to intimate performance pieces that center Queer and Indigenous ways of making and interpreting art, these artists take us on a journey of collective interrogation, reimagination and healing.

Snowflake Arizmendi-Calvert
(Yaqui / Raramuri / Chamula)

Dancer and Drag Performer

DeLesslin George-Warren
(Catawba Indian Nation)

Performer, Educator and Researcher 

Landa Lakes

Writer, Musician, Activist and Drag Performer

Storme Webber
(Alutiiq / Black / Choctaw)

Poet, Playwright, Educator and Interdisciplinary Artist


We recommend exploring the following resources to learn more about Two-Spirit identity and Native performing arts in North America and to more deeply engage with In the Spirit events. These resources have been compiled by the series artists and producers:

In case you missed it

In The Spirit: Artist Roundtable

In the Spirit: Artist Roundtable

Wed, May 5

In the Spirit artists look back on their work and imagine paths forward.

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In The Spirit: Landa Lakes

Landa Lakes: The Wisdom of Long Nails

Thu, Nov 12

An evening of traditional and contemporary Native American storytelling.

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DeLesslin George-Warren

DeLesslin George-Warren: Manu

Thu, April 22

A work about the past, present and future of Catawba Nation.

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In The Spirit

Snowflake Calvert: Seeds and Sequins

Thur, Jan 21

A personal exploration of Indigenous, Black and Queer identities with artist Europa Grace.


In The Spirit: Artist Roundtable

In the Spirit: Artist Roundtable

Wed, Sep 30

A dynamic kick-off to our "In the Spirit" series. This panel features influential and imaginative queer and two-spirit artists from across the country.

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