Take A Hard Look Series Hopkins Center

Take A Hard Look

Social commentary embedded in performance can operate like a stealth mission. Compelling sounds, sights and story bring you face to face with realities you might otherwise not have examined.

This season, Sankofa Danzafro takes you into the daily life of urban black Colombians. Lebanese rockers Mashrou' Leila pair ecstatic pop with truth-telling lyrics about young Arabs today. DeLanna Studi leads us on a journey into how the Trail of Tears of 150 years ago is felt by current generations. The Just and the Blind presents the world of young black Americans through a fusion of music, poetry, projected images and virtuosic street dance. And the Hop's ongoing film series "Reel Change" offers informative, transformative stories on the big screen.

Take A Hard Look: the home for discussing social critique in this season’s work.