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Fall 2021

Ragamala Dance Company, Fires of Varanasi

Friday, Sep 17, 7:30 pm – Saturday, Sep 18, 2 pm and 7:30 pm

This dance performance by the Indian-American Ragamala Dance Company evokes elaborate rites imbued with spiritual meaning. Traditional Bharatanatyam dance transports the audience to Varanasi, India, conjuring the Ganges River and the patron deity Shiva. Age-old traditions are shared in a new homeland. Time is suspended. Humans merge with the divine.

Of particular interest to Religion classes, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies classes, and Theater classes, as well as those examining immigrant experiences.

REL 40.07 "Hindus and Muslims in India"
REL 1.11 "Sisters, Sages, and Seekers"
REL 1.02 "Contemporary Religion"
SOCY 48 "Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity"
THEA 001 "Introduction to Theater"
THEA 026 "Movement Fundamentals I"
THEA 42 "Scene Design I"
WGSS 10 "Sex, Gender, and Society"
WGSS 36.01 "Gender Cross Cultural Perspective"
WRIT 5 "Representing Immigrants"

Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble, POP UP

Saturday, Oct 2 – Sunday, Oct 3, 1 pm and 5 pm

Playful, imaginative and inspirational, POP UP is an outdoor experience inspired by the personal stories, memories and anecdotes around our community. The one-of-a-kind performances are the outcome of Strike Anywhere Performance Ensemble's summer residency, during which they interviewed scores of Upper Valley residents and students. The performance incorporates Soundpainting—a universal sign language for live composition with improvisers.

Of particular interest to students in Theater and Music classes.

THEA 001 "Introduction to Theater"
THEA 10.90 "Contemporary Theater and Performance"
THEA 42 "Scene Design I"
MUS 001 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 50 "Jazz Improvisation"
MUS 59 "Jazz Ensemble"

Terence Blanchard, ABSENCE

Wednesday, Oct 20, 7:30 pm

An icon of the New Orleans jazz scene, a composer of over 40 Hollywood film scores, and now the first African American to stage an opera at the Met, Terence Blanchard has rocked every part of the music world. In ABSENCE, he celebrates his mentor and towering jazz genius Wayne Shorter.

Of particular interest to Music students.

MUS 001 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 50 "Jazz Improvisation"
MUS 50 "Opera Lab"
MUS 55 "Brass"
MUS 59 "Jazz Ensemble"

Sally Pinkas, From Brahms to Beaudoin

Wednesday, Oct 27, 7:30 pm

In a solo performance, Pinkas starts in 19th-Century-Europe with Johannes Brahms' masterpiece, the expansive Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, Op 24, and follows with selections from Debussy's Préludes, Book I. We are then transported to early-20th-Century Brazilian art music with pieces from Heitor Villa-Lobos and Francisco Mignone. Pinkas finally ties the present to the past with Dartmouth's own Richard Beaudoin's La fille flouté, a 2010 work based on a historic performance of Debussy's …La fille aux cheveux de lin.

Of particular interest to Music students.

MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 42 "Early Classical Music"
MUS 59 "Handel Society"

An Informal Evening with Joseph Keckler

Thursday, Oct 28, 7:30 pm

Joined by pianist Matthew Dean Marsh, the intensely original artist will present highlights from his body of work. The evening will include previews of a new video album he is developing and excerpts from a work-in-progress collection of songs and reflections, Book of Life: Notes from a Year of Isolation. Keckler is known for his expressive voice, bizarrely heroic operatic arias, and monologues and songs that dance between comedy, commentary and communion.

Of primary interest to Theater students.

MUS 36 "Songwriting I"
THEA 001 "Introduction to Theater"
THEA 10.90 "Contemporary Theater and Performance"
THEA 35 "Acting for Musical Theater"
MUS 50 "Opera Lab"

Gidon Kremer

Friday, Nov 5, 7:30 pm

Specially curated for the Hop, this program features pieces from tango's modern master Astor Piazzolla, whose 100th anniversary is this year, as well as a selection of waltzes, polkas and intimate duos. Kremer, one of the most compelling violinists and conductors in the world, is known for making each work his own and teasing out new interpretations for every piece.

Of primary interest to Music students.

MUS 001 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 50 "Chamber Music"
MUS 82 "Musicology/Ethnomusicology"


Tuesday, Nov 9, 7:30 pm

The Venezuelan diva presents smooth rhythms and resonant lyrics with her ethereal voice. Riding the wave of her massive success in 2019 with a Grammy win, Nella continues to resound in every corner of the globe. She will deliver a beguiling mix of pop, jazz, tropical clave rhythms and Spanish flamenco.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes, as well as students of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies.

MUS 001 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 16.02 "Music, Media, and Everyday Life"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 50 "Jazz Improvisation"
MUS 59 "Jazz Ensemble"
LATS 003 "Introduction to Latino Studies"
LATS 005 "Complexity of Latino Identity"
LACS 1.10 "Modern Latin America"

Fall Film

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