Curricular Connections Winter 2022

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Spring 2024

Many Happy Returns (Monica Bill Barnes & Company)

March 25-26

An exuberant dance/theater performance inspired by memory plays.

Of particular interest to Theater and Dance classes.

COCO 021 "What's in Your Shoebox"
THEA 27 "Movement Fundamentals II"
THEA 29 "Dance Theater Performance"
THEA 10.08 "Creativity and Collaboration"
THEA 10.71 "Plays On Stage: Acting Comedy"

When I Put on Your Glove (Sandglass Theater)

March 29-30

An intimate puppetry, dance, and spoken narrative piece about belonging, memory, and intergenerational dialogue.

Of particular interest to students in Theater classes.

THEA 10.08 "Creativity and Collaboration"
THEA 40 "Technical Production"
THEA 48 "Costume Design"
THEA 51 "Playwriting II"

This is America: Part III (Johnny Gandelsman)

April 2

2023/4 resident artist and violinist Johnny Gandelsman presents Part III of his anthology of new compositions inspired by the year 2020. He is joined by Gabriel Kahane, whose new Hop-commissioned work is being performed.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes.

MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 45.04 "Music and Social Justice"
SOCY 49.02 "Social Justice and the City"
COCO 21 "What's in Your Shoebox"

Tallis Scholars

April 6

The British ensemble, one of the world's leading performers of Renaissance choral music, presents a program celebrating the journey from darkness to light featuring a new Hop-commissioned work by David Lang.

Of primary interest to Music students.

MUS 11 "Introduction to Opera"
PHIL 28.03 "20th Century Existentialism"

The Tomeka Reid Stringtet

April 11

The trailblazing musician and her newly-formed ensemble create new avenues for international jazz and improvised music.

Of particular interest to Music Students and AAAS classes.

MUS 18.03 "Black Popular Music"
MUS 45.04 "Music and Social Justice"
AAAS 24 "Black Radical Tradition"
AAAS 7.07 "Picturing African American"


Ensemble Schumann

April 14

A dazzling, colorful trio of soloists, including viola, oboe, and pianist-in-residence Sally Pinkas, presents works by Beethoven, Bruch, Foote and White.

Of particular interest to Music students.

MUS 1 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"


April 17

With classical Korean instruments (geomungo, tungso and daegum) alongside vocals, guitar and percussion, this six-piece music group infuses modern influences into traditional music through bold, youthful style, heartfelt lyrics and a psychedelic sound.

Of particular interest to Music and ASCL students.

ASCL 62.06 "Explore Korea Through Film"
ASCL 70.02 "East Meets West"
ASCL 70.07 "Asian Performance"
ASCL 70.23 "Travel, Migration, and Diaspora"

Isidore String Quartet

May 1

The New York City-based Isidore String Quartet delivers a captivating program exploring the human experience and the epiphanic nature of life, fresh from winning an Avery Fisher Career Grant. Works by Bach, Childs and Beethoven explore the various responses to notable moments in the composers' lives.

Of particular interest to Music students.

MUS 1 "Beginning Music Theory"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
MUS 50 "Chamber Music"

Spring Films

The Hop Experiential Learning Fund provides support for classes to attend one live performance AND one film each term! Every quarter Hop Film presents a mix of acclaimed arthouse, foreign language and documentary titles, and this term the Movies on the Map series brings stories set on every continent. Starting Mar 28, this series of one-night screenings includes Perfect Days, American Fiction, WE'RE HERE with creator Stephen Warren '82 and Priyanka in person, Origin, Mami Wata, They Shot the Piano Player, The Rabbi's Cat, When My Sleeping Dragon Woke with actor Sharon Washington '81 in person—and more! Many of these films—including a number of free screenings (Girls State, Common Ground, Havana Divas)—have been curated in collaboration with Dartmouth classes and students' academic interests in mind. 

The Spring film slate is HERE and if you have questions, please contact Johanna Evans, Film Programming Manager, at