Curricular Connections Winter 2022

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Winter 2023

Back to Back Theatre, Shadow

Monday, January 23rd at 7:30 pm

Australian company Back to Back Theatre is comprised primarily of people with intellectual disabilities. A group of creators and activists, they present this provocative film and live post-show discussion on disability and our collective responsibility.

Of particular interest to Comparative Literature, Theater, Film and Media Studies, and classes on Government and Sociology.

ANTH 003 "Intro to Cultural Anthropology"
COLT 10.25 "Story and Storytellers"
COLT 18.03 "Modern Media Theory"
FILM 50.01 "Cinematic Mirrors"
GERM 7.06 "Diversity in the Media"
GOVT 006 "Political Ideas"
GOVT 7.14 "Does Democracy Work?"
GOVT 83.22 "Political Representation"
PHIL 23.01 "Ethics and the Arts"
SOCY 002 "Social Problems"
SOCY 38 "Status/Power in Social Int"
SOCY 91 "Sociological Imagination"

Apple Hill String Quartet

Friday, January 27th at 7:30 pm

In a newly commissioned piece, composer Dana Lyn takes inspiration from paintings by Native American visual artist Rick Bartow, in the collection of the Hood Museum of Art. The evening's program of chamber music also includes works by Raven Chacon, Aleksandra Vrebalov and Maurice Ravel.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes.

HUM 2 "The Modern Labyrinth"
MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 22 "Creative Music Theory II"
MUS 23 "Timbre and Form"

Dublin Guitar Quartet

Tuesday, January 31 at 7:30 pm

Dublin Guitar Quartet is the first guitar quartet entirely devoted to new classical music. They work to expand the limited repertoire by commissioning new works and adapting modern masterpieces from outside of the guitar repertoire. With the help of eight and eleven-string guitars, the quartet has created an original catalogue of arrangements by composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Part, Gyorgy Ligeti and more.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 9.01 "Introductory Guitar"
MUS 22 "Creative Music Theory II"
MUS 23 "Timbre and Form"

Kings Return

Wednesday, February 1 at 8 pm

Unbound by a single genre, this a capella quartet of young Black men have a sound that is rooted in gospel, jazz, R&B and classical music. Their signature staircase performances (where they rehearse) catapulted them to internet fame, garnering almost 10 million views on social media platforms.

Of primary interest to Music students, a capella performers, and those interested in AAAS and diverse voices.

ANTH 50.28 "Racial Geographies"
AAAS 24 "Black Radical Tradition"
AAAS 39 "Jazz History"
AAAS 87.09 "African Popular Culture"
FILM 42.16 "Cinema of Black Protest"
MUS 22 "Creative Music Theory II"
MUS 28 "Sonic Space and Form"
SOCY 47 "Race and Ethnicity in the US"

The Crossing

Thursday, March 2 at 8 pm

An exceptional choral ensemble, the Crossing shares their love for new music with passion and precision. Their singing often carries powerful messages, as they tackle social issues with subtlety and fearless technique.

Of particular interest to Music Students.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 22 "Creative Music Theory II"
MUS 28 "Sonic Space and Form"

Winter Films

The Hop Experiential Learning Fund provides support for classes to attend one live performance AND one film each term! Every quarter Hop Film presents a mix of acclaimed arthouse, foreign language and documentary titles. Movies such as Till, She Said, Decision to Leave, Call Jane and Bad Axe each play one night starting Jan 13. Many have been curated in collaboration with Dartmouth classes and students' academic interests in mind.

The Winter film slate is HERE and if you have questions, please contact Johanna Evans, Film Programming Manager, at