Curricular Connections Winter 2022

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Winter 2022

Ash Fure and Adam Fure, The Force of Things

Thursday, January 15 – Saturday, January 17

This sonic installation is inspired by climate change and the palpable energy that rumbles through objects and our environment. A collaboration installation created by Dartmouth Music Professor Ash Fure and architect Adam Fure takes over the Moore Theater. Audiences are surrounded by subsonic vibrations and an ethereal soundscape performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble.

Of particular interest to Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, Music classes, and courses focusing on Climate Change.

EARS 78 "Climate Dynamics"
ENVS 12 "Energy and the Environment"
ENVS 80.01 "Arctic Environmental Change"
MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 4 "Global Sounds"
MUS 23 "Timbre and Form"
MUS 25 "Sonic Arts I"
MUS 32 "Improvisation"
MUS 38 "Noise: Liberation in Sound"

Urban Bush Women, Legacy + Lineage + Liberation

Friday, January 21 - Saturday, January 22

This storied female-led dance/theater company celebrates 35+ years of presenting the under-told stories of African, African-American, and other marginalized individuals through dance. As well as classics from the company's history, the evening will feature the premiere of a new work that reflects on familial lines through memory and magic.

Of particular interest to African and African American Studies, Religion, Theater, and WGSS students.

AAAS 9 "Intro to Diaspora Studies"
AAAS 14/HIST 5.01 "Precolonial African History"
AAAS 18.03/REL 14 "Intro to African Religions"
AAAS 20.15/WGSS 66 "Black Feminist Thought"
AAAS 22/REL 61 "Religion and the Civil Rights Movement"
AAAS 63 "Race Matters"
AAAS 88.11/ENGL 62.22 "Atlantic Slavery"
AAAS 90.1/REL 80.11 "Modern Black Spiritualities"
MUS 7 "The Power of Music"
THEA 10.25 "Music, Design, and Creativity"
THEA 10.64/AAAS 54/WGSS 66 "Feminist and Queer Africa"
THEA 28 "Dance Composition"

Welcome to Indian Country

Friday, February 11

Native American culture comes to life through the songs and stories of Indigenous artists, including Mali Obomsawin '18, as they celebrate their heritage and modern reality.

Of particular interest to Native American and Indigenous Studies classes and Music students.

NAS 42/WGSS 40 "Gender Issues - Native American Life"
NAS 56/HIST 38 "Indigenous Borderlands"
NAS 81.03/HIST 96 "Pen and Ink Witchcraft"
MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 37 "Songwriting 2"

Anaïs Mitchell and Bonny Light Horseman

Tuesday, February 15

Anaïs Mitchell, the Vermonter and esteemed singer-songwriter whose Broadway smash Hadestown won eight awards, including Best Musical, at the 2019 Tony Awards, is joined by Bonny Light Horseman, a folk supergroup trio. They perform new songs and old favorites.

Of primary interest to Music students.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 22 "Harmony and Rhythm"
MUS 37 "Songwriting 2"
THEA 10.25 "Music, Design, and Creativity"

Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Wednesday, February 23

The Latin Grammy-winning piano quartet performs alongside the Hop's pianist-in-residence, Sally Pinkas. They play contemporary Latin American music interlaced with contemporary influences.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 4 "Global Sounds"
MUS 22 "Harmony and Rhythm"
MUS 43 "Modern Classical Music"

Imani Winds and Catalyst Quartet

Friday, March 4

The two world-class ensembles (one wind quartet, one string quartet) join forces to honor the experiences of more than six million African-Americans who fled the rural south for urban centers across the United States in the early 20th century. The collaboration features a variety of works exploring the concept of migration.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes and AAAS classes.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 22 "Harmony and Rhythm"
MUS 23 "Timbre and Form"
AAAS 9 "Intro to Diaspora Studies"

Winter Films

The Hop Experiential Learning Fund provides support for classes to attend one live performance AND one film each term! Every quarter Hop Film presents a mix of acclaimed arthouse, foreign language and documentary titles. Movies such as tick, tick...BOOM!, The First Wave, Paper and Glue, Hive and The Tragedy of Macbeth each play one night. Many have been curated in collaboration with Dartmouth classes and students' academic interests in mind. If you have questions, please contact Laura Plasencia, Film Program Associate, at