Curricular Connections Winter 2022

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Spring 2023

Trick of the Light Theatre, The Bookbinder

Saturday, April 1 at 4 pm & 7:30 pm 
Sunday, April 2 at 1 pm & 4 pm

A fringe festival favorite, New Zealand's Trick of the Light Theatre presents a dark fairytale that interweaves shadowplay, puppetry, and music in this intimate one-man performance about a bookbinder's apprentice who gets lost in a book.

Of particular interest to Comparative Literature, Theater, and Creative Writing classes.

COCO 21 "What's in Your Shoebox?"
COLT 7.3 "Global Traditions of Puppetry"
COLT 39.03 "European Fairytales"
COLT 35.05 "Stories on My Mind"
CRWT 10 "Writing and Reading Fiction"
CRWT 20 "Intermediate Fiction I"
THEA 30 "Acting I"
THEA 42 "Scene Design I"
GERM 14 "Into the Woods"

Apple Hill String Quartet

Wednesday, April 12 at 7:30 pm

Apple Hill finishes its year-long residency with an array of classical works featuring Mexican composers.

Of particular interest to students in Music classes.

MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 17.07 "Arts Entrepreneurship"
MUS 52.02 "Conducting and Artist Direction"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"

Le Patin Libre, Murmuration

Thursday, April 13 at 7:30 pm 
Friday, April 14 at 7:30 pm 
Saturday, April 15 at 2 pm & 7:30 pm

Canadian ice skating company Le Patin Libre is composed of former competitive skaters who reinvent the definition of an ice show, combining their athletic and artistic prowess with complex choreography inspired by flocks of birds and complex algorithms.

Of particular interest to students of dance and movement.

THEA 27 "Movement Fundamentals II"
THEA 29 "Dance Theater Performance"

Figli d'Arte Cuticchio, La Storia del Soldato

Tuesday, April 18 at 3 pm (dress rehearsal) & 8 pm 
Wednesday, April 19 at 5 pm & 8 pm

The great marionette tradition of Sicily comes to life in this musical fable of ambition and war, based on the Faust legend. Stravinksy's famous score Histoire du Soldat is performed by a septet of musicians while puppets perform the tale of a soldier's deal with the devil.
In Italian with English subtitles.

Of primary interest to Italian, Comparative Literature, Theater, and Music students.

COCO 21 "What's in Your Shoebox?"
COLT 7.3 "Global Traditions of Puppetry"
COLT 8.01 "Community and Civil War"
COLT 39.03 "European Fairytales"
COLT 67.07 "Times of Crisis"
ITAL 9 "Language Through Culture"
ITAL Language Classes
THEA 7.01 "Theater for Social Change"
THEA 30 "Acting I"
THEA 42 "Scene Design I"
GERM 14 "Into the Woods"

Sandeep Das and the HUM Ensemble

Thursday, April 20 at 8 pm

A kaleidoscopic journey of music, dance and storytelling that celebrates the shared history between India and Afghanistan, the evening's program draws on Indian Classical/Semi-Classical music, ragas, Afghan Klasik and poetry, pulsating folk grooves and lyrical thumri. It features some of the most iconic instruments of each country.

Of particular interest to Music and ASCL students.

ASCL 70.09 "Global Sounds"
ASCL 52.01 "Music and Dance of N. India"
MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"

Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya

Wednesday, April 26 at 8 pm

Abdullah Ibrahim is known for his distinctive sound that reflects his multicultural influences, blending traditional African songs, gospel of the AME Church, and Ragas, with post-bop and other Western styles. The pioneering Cape Jazz pianist and his seven-person ensemble present a program that ranges from solo piano ruminations to effervescent group sets. A cultural icon, Ibrahim pioneered South African jazz at a time when the genre symbolized resistance against the apartheid regime.

Of particular interest to Music, Comparative Literature, and AAAS Students.

AAAS 9 "Intro to Diaspora Studies"
ASCL 70.09 "Global Sounds"
MUS 2 "Music of Today"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
COLT 10.27 "Border Crossings"
COLT 62.09 "Media and Migration"

Clarion Choir, Rachmaninoff: All-Night Vigil

Wednesday, May 3 at 8 pm

Celebrating Rachmaninoff's 150th anniversary, the choir performs a quiet, reflective and deeply moving set of vespers that exudes light as it gradually moves toward daybreak. The Grammy-nominated choir has played a significant role in the rediscovery of a number of major Russian 18th and early 20th-century works.

Of particular interest to Music Students and those studying Russian culture.

ASCL 70.09 "Global Sounds"
MUS 52.02 "Conducting and Artist Direction"
MUS 21 "Melody and Rhythm"
RUSS 3 "Intro Russian"
RUSS 50.02 "Russian Revolution"  

Spring Films

The Hop Experiential Learning Fund provides support for classes to attend one live performance AND one film each term! Every quarter Hop Film presents a mix of acclaimed arthouse, foreign language and documentary titles. Movies such as Everything Everywhere All at Oncepart of the Asian Diaspora on Screen seriesSaint Omer, James Baldwin Abroad and All the Beauty and the Bloodshed each play one night starting March 30. Many have been curated in collaboration with Dartmouth classes and students' academic interests in mind. 

The Spring film slate is HERE and if you have questions, please contact Travis Weedon, Film Programming Coordinator, at