Curricular Connections Guidelines

Here are the procedures for any faculty member interested in participating in Curricular Connections. They are intended to streamline the process for faculty, minimize the number of tickets that are unused, and keep the program sustainable for the Hop.

For more info or to place an order for a live performance, contact Samantha Lazar, Curator of Academic Programming, at

For Hop Film questions and requests, please contact Johanna Evans, Film Program Manager, at

Send an email to the relevant Hop person (above), including:

  • course department, number, title, and term

  • the performance or film you are planning for your class to attend

  • an estimate of the number of student tickets needed

  • whether you would also like 1 faculty ticket

  • whether funding is secured through your department (provide chart string) or you are requesting that the cost of the tickets be funded by the Hop's Experiential Learning Fund. See funding requirements [below]

This information will enable us to hold a block of seats for your request.

Within a week of submitting your request (and often much sooner), you will receive a reply concerning your Curricular Connections order and whether Hop Experiential Learning Funding was granted, if it was requested.

About a week before the date of the event, you will receive an email requesting that you submit revised, final ticket numbers and the names of your students. You must reply to this email confirming or updating the details of your request before the Box Office can finalize your order. This ensures that you will receive the appropriate number of tickets and that any tickets you no longer need will not be wasted.

  • We do our best to accommodate changes to the requested ticket numbers, but cannot guarantee that late requests for additional tickets can always be honored.
  • In the event that no revised numbers are provided within 3 business days of the event, and the student tickets go unused, the Hop reserves the right to charge the relevant department for the full cost of the seat, as it represents a seat that could have been sold at public face value.
  • All Curricular Connections tickets will be available for pick up at Will Call, located at or near the venue. Students must pick up their tickets individually, under their own names. The Hop Box Office opens 1 hour prior to all live shows and 30 minutes before all films. 
  • The Hop reserves the right to reclaim any tickets not picked up by the start of show time, so please encourage your students to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the event.

Following the event, you will receive an email containing a link to a brief digital survey to distribute to your students. This is an essential tool for assessing and improving our program, so we ask that it be completed by all participating faculty and students.

Any additional questions may be emailed to Samantha Lazar, Curator of Academic Programming.

Please note: It is the faculty member's responsibility to ensure these procedures are followed. The Box Office will not issue Curricular Connections tickets to individual students at the window, unless they are part of an order placed by a faculty member and confirmed by the Hop Box Office.

Funding Requirements

The program is funded by the Hop Experiential Learning Fund, which is divided into an operating budget for performing arts support and for film support. Funding requirements for both performing arts and film events are as follows:

The arts event must be an assigned part of the course and integrated into the course.

  • The fund does not support student tickets for arts events that are not specifically assigned, only a portion of a class is expected to attend, or that are not substantively integrated into the course.

The fund is reserved for cases where no other funding is readily available. Such funding alternatives include:

  • Departmental discretionary budgets for experiential learning or special events.
  • Dedicated funding tied to specific courses (such as film) for students to attend films or arts events.
  • Outside funding from other Dartmouth offices or initiatives.

The fund is reserved for use one time per class per term per medium (film/performing arts). In other words, you can only receive funding for more than one event for the same class in the same term IF one is a live event and one is a film. However, faculty can apply for funding:

  • for a class each term it is offered;
  • if multiple courses taught the same term that would benefit from attending the same event;
  • for one performing arts event and one film event, even if for the same class in the same term.
  • The faculty member follows the established process and has appropriately used the program in the past.
  • There are sufficient funds remaining in the Hop Experiential Learning Fund for performing arts or film.

Funding allocation decisions are made by the Hop. Special exceptions and grants are sometimes made, so we encourage faculty to inquire even if you are uncertain of whether you qualify for funding.


If my class received Curricular Connections support for an event, do I get a free ticket as well? Yes. If you ask for one, it will be included along with the tickets prepared for your class.

What do you mean that the arts event must be assigned and integrated into my course? All students in your class must be expected to attend, and there must be in-class discussion of the show or an assignment related to it.

How do I receive the tickets for my class? All Curricular Connections tickets will be available at Will Call at the venue or at the Hop Box Office, which opens 1 hour before all live shows and 30 minutes before all films. Students must pick up their tickets individually, under their own names.

What should I do if I think an arts event is relevant to my class, but I do not want to formally assign it? This is common, but students will need to pay for their own tickets or have tickets covered by department funding.

Can my students connect directly with the artists? We would love to explore that possibility. Please connect with the Hop's Curator of Academic Programming, Samantha Lazar.

How is the program funded? Please see the funding section above for more information on the Hop Experiential Learning Fund.

How do I know if there is other funding available for me to bring my class? You can contact your department administrator or Samantha Lazar.