Cane Fire
Asian Diaspora On Screen

Cane Fire

April 06, 2023

This revelatory documentary exposes how Hollywood has abetted the American colonial project in Hawaii.

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Cane Fire - Official Trailer


From helping suppress labor revolts in the sugar-plantation era to manufacturing the image of Kauai as a tourist's paradise, Hollywood has been the pivotal marketing arm for American colonialism in Hawaii. Through four generations of his family, who originally immigrated to Kauai from the Philippines to work the sugar plantations, filmmaker Anthony Bauna-Simon shows how Hollywood has cast indigenous and working-class residents as extras in their own story and the detrimental effects that has had on labor relations and property values, making living on Kauai untenable but for the few and the wealthy.

D: Anthony Bauna-Simon, US, 2021, 1h30m

Programmed as part of the Asian Diaspora on Screen series in collaboration with the Dartmouth Asian American Studies Collective (DAASC).

“There is tremendous educational and moral value in his overview of the history of Kauai.”

The New York Times
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