April 17, 2024
Apr 17
Wednesday 7:30 PM
Hanover Inn Ballroom 1h30m

Korean folk sounds weaved into psychedelic rock.

23/24 Hop Presents

Coreyah: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert


With classical Korean instruments (geomungo, tungso and daegum) alongside vocals, guitar and percussion, this six-piece music group infuses modern influences into traditional music through bold, youthful style, heartfelt lyrics and a psychedelic sound. The group draws inspiration from a variety of global sounds, including Anglo-American rock, Balkan gypsy and genres from South America and Africa.
The name Coreyah is a Sino-Korean homonym that refers to the inheritance of the past. In Korean, it means "whale"—the group's totem animal and good luck charm.

This engagement of Coreyah is made possible through the Performing Arts Global Exchange program of Mid Atlantic Arts with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Funded in part by the Patricia S. and Robert A. Levinson 1946 Fund in Support of the Hopkins Center's Visiting Performing Artists Program and the Andrew J. Greenebaum 1984 Fund. Photo: courtesy of the artists


Since their 2010 debut, Coreyah has pioneered a new style of Korean music that blends genres of contemporary ethnic and popular sounds while still maintaining the distinctive characteristics of traditional Korean instruments. Coreyah has toured around the world visiting over 50 cities in 34 countries, and continues to delight audiences at home and abroad. Their fourth album Clap & Applause released in July 2020, celebrates their 10th anniversary with a dance-inducing, exciting new vision for Korean world music.
Band Members: Kim Dongkun (daegeum, sogeum, tungso), Ham Boyoung (vocal), Jeong Jun Kyu (percussion, Chulhyungeum), Kyungyi (percussion), Kim Yerim (geomungo), and Ko Jaehyeon (guitar).

“uninhibited vision of Korean traditional music”

NPR Music

“Mesmerising and wonderful ★★★★★”

Broadway Baby
Richard Move
2023/24 Season

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