A US Premiere | 4 Performances Only
Le Patin Libre
Le Patin Libre


April 13 - 15, 2023

Exquisite skating artists transform into harmonious flocks of birds.

22/23 Hop Presents

Like the starlings' mind-blowing aerials, Murmuration exceeds what an individual brain can imagine or comprehend. The choreography was devised from complex algorithms, made possible by the speed and fluidity of ice. Micro-movements and changes of direction create a domino effect that deflect the trajectory of the group. Everyone is constantly on the lookout, as they explore the dynamic interactions of an exhilarating and sometimes dangerous togetherness. An adrenaline rush for the whole family!

Le Patin Libre (which means "The Free Skate" in French) was formed by a group of former competitive skaters who grew bored of sparkles and medals. Together they are reinventing what an ice show can be; using the theatrical potential of glide as a medium for storytelling.

A special event in collaboration with the Dartmouth Department of Athletics

Le Patin Libre is a contemporary ice skating company from Montreal. This performing art uses ice, skates and glide as media. Some people view their work as a form of "contemporary dance on ice." The first collective was founded in 2005 by former high-level figure skaters who regrouped with the intention of transforming their athleticism into a means of free expression. Far from sparkles, stereotypes and champions' demos, the creations of Le Patin Libre present real works of art, making use of the amazing choreographic and theatrical potential of glide.

“a new masterpiece, epic and fascinating”

Le Patin Libre
"Murmuration" an adventurous ice work by Le Patin Libre, being performed in Thompson Arena April on 13-15 as part of the Hop's Spring 2023 Season
Spring 2023

Tuesday 3/21 @ noon | Hop Member On Sale Thursday 3/23 @ noon | Public & Student On Sale This spring, escape the muddy roads and satisfy your wanderlust with a spectacular selection of arts...

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