A crowd-sourced choreographic project that grows like dough.

Sourdough Dance-Off

This was an especially competitive week and we are grateful for the very thoughtful and strong submissions. This week, the submissions included voice, ballet, pets, David Bowie, and our very first Sourdough Dance-Off pas de deux! Thank you to all of the beautiful dancers and dances. Please keep them flowing towards us! Get your votes in to [email protected] by Sunday at midnight!

1. Daniel Pettrow

2. Sebastian Bodel

3. Roviel Arquiza

Sourdough Dance-Off - Week 4


Here is the week 4 starter, submitted by Sue Hogan! Submit your dances by 4/30 at midnight - email them to [email protected], and make sure to tag us on social media!

Sue Hogan


Ever maintained a sourdough culture?  Then you must know how a "starter" of plain flour and water can bubble into delicious bread. We're doing the same… only for dance. And we need all you movers out there (like so many wild yeast strains)! It's our first-ever remote, crowd-sourced choreographic project, hosted by John Heginbotham and the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble. 

Find the Week 1 starter, selects and all the submissions here, or learn more about the Sourdough Dance-Off here>

This event occurred as part of the 19/20 [email protected] season. This is an archived view.

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Sourdough Dance-Off

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