Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth

Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth

A sortable, searchable and expanding collection of repertoire by Mexican and Mexican-American composers.

This is an open-source collection of authentically Mexican repertoire. With regards to this collection, authenticity is solely defined as a work being composed by Mexican or Mexican-American artists, thereby removing any preconceived notions or biases with regards to Mexican music and culture. Within this collection, you will find sortable perusal scores and recordings (live or midi), with composer contact information should you like to pursue a work further. This is simply a resource. All performance and contract arrangements must be made directly with the composers, with all benefits and proceeds going directly to the composer. Works are searchable and sortable by Composer, Title, Ensemble Type, Composer Gender, Difficulty, and more. Any composer who identifies as Mexican or Mexican-American is welcome to submit a work for inclusion in the collection by clicking on the submit button.

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Spurred by an increased national focus on the US/Mexico border, founder Brian Messier began to research and pursue Mexican repertoire, finding an illogical void relative to the rich musical history and culture of the nation: Mexico has a far older Wind Band tradition than the United States; Mexico currently has an active wind-band scene, particularly in the northern and southern (Oaxaca) regions; Mexico City is the sixth largest city in the world no fewer than seven professional orchestras. The Mexican Repertoire Initiative was created as a direct response to the lack of authentic works for wind-band by Mexican composers. An initial commission of composer Enrico Chapela led to a planned Spring 2020 tour (Covid-postponed to Spring 2023) of Mexico City by the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble. In an effort to create additional authentic Mexican repertoire for the tour, a Wind Ensemble composition competition for Mexican and US composers was launched on Jan. 1, 2020, resulting in 48 original works for winds by Mexican composers. These works became the seed of the Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth. Subsequent commissions of composers Juan Pablo Contreras and Nubia Jaime, as well as additional works for wind-band and chamber winds discovered via the research or Dr. Sixto Montesinos supplemented this initial catalog. 

In Spring 2022, the Mexican Repertoire Collection partnered with internationally acclaimed choral ensemble VocalEssence and their director Philip Brunelle to include over 100 original works for chorus by Mexican composers. Through VocalEssence ¡Cantaré!, selected composers from Mexico to participate as artists-in-residence with elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and community organizations. The composers work directly with student choirs and community choruses throughout the year, becoming familiar with the ensembles and writing new music specifically for each. At the end of the school year, community and school partners present world premieres of new music in concert. All works created through this program are now available through the Mexican Repertoire Collection at Dartmouth. 

The Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble has begun to perform and record works from this collection, but help is needed! We have partnered with And We Were Heard to help find additional partners to perform and record this important collection. 

In the near future, we will be adding repertoire from the Victory Players Sí Se Puede Mexican Composer Residency program in Holyoke, Massachusetts, additional commissions from our existing composition partners, and launching a partnership with two Mexican composition schools to educate future generations of Mexican composers in writing for wind-band. Composing for Wind Bands is not typically taught or encouraged in Mexican conservatories, so we are tapping into a profound and unexplored resource. Connecting this thriving network of composers to wind bands in the United States and throughout the world will provide greater artistic and performance opportunities for the composers and create wonderful new additions to the repertoire for wind bands.

Facts & History


At time of launch, this collection includes over 200 works for wind band or choir by Mexican composers, most of which had not been created or were not available for perusal or performance prior to this initiative.


Mexico boasts the oldest conservatory of music in the Americas—Conservatorio de las Rosas, founded 1743


Mexico is the most populous Spanish speaking country in the world (although 60 indigenous languages are still spoken) and Mexico City is the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere.

People Involved

Brian Messier
Dartmouth College Director of Bands
Philip Brunelle
VocalEssence Artistic Director and Founder
Karina Sainz
Hopkins Center for the Arts Associate Producer
Tianhiu Ng
The Victory Players Artistic Director
Kaitlin Bove
Founder "And We Were Heard"
Sixto Montesinos
Head of Instrumental Studies at St. Mary’s College
Enrico Chapela
Composer/General Director Núcleo Integral de Composición
Nubia Jaime Donjuan
Rodrigo Martinez
Marisa Canales
Flutist/Director at Urtext Digital Classics

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