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Garden Ghosts and the Bees

April 04, 2022

This event occurred as part of the 21/22 Music Department season. This is an archived view.

From the sounds of Black life to video game musicals and experimental Yiddish dance music, experience a broad and eclectic range of new music from the Dartmouth Digital Musics students.

21/22 Music Department


Mame Loshn Potions מאַמע לשון פּאָשנס by Eli Berman
Eli Berman improvises a set of experimental dance music in English and af Yiddish, weaving together khazones (Ashkenazi Jewish cantorial singing) and Appalachian ballad traditions with extended vocal techniques and digital processing. 
Dreaming of a Phoenix Rising by Armond Dorsey
Dreaming of a Phoenix Rising is a poem, a fusion of clarinet with field recordings, and an exploration of the question "how do we heal" rooted in Black livingness and ways of knowing. Hear the tale of Black Phoenix rising from the ashes, hear the sounds of Black life.
A Deal by Piper Hill
A Deal is a song from my Sims Musical, which is a machinima-musical. Machinima are movies made out of footage of video games. So it's a movie-musical. Alone, this is basically just a music video. For now, you don't need to worry about what happened before this or what will happen after this, just have a nice time. If you want to watch me as I work on the rest of this musical, building the sets and characters, etc. then check out my twitch at
Nina Boujee and Indigo present: Fiends, Feelings & Frolicking Fishsticks (THE MUSICAL!) by Olivia Shortt
Nina Boujee is your cHa0tiC & weird drag-adjacent Two-Spirit Trickster friend. Sometimes, they like to pretend that they understand what it means to be a human in 2022 and sometimes they like to imagine themselves as a potato salesperson living with ten cats (all named Nimkii).
mouthpiece by Hamed Sinno
mouthpiece is an audiovisual performance for voice, speech synthesizers, and tape players. The piece is an excerpt from a longer performance exploring queer vocalities as an interface for political embodiment. 
grain studies by Trevor Van de Velde
grain studies is an exploration of the sonic granularity of rice and its use as both a cultural and sonic technology. Various DIY instruments and objects are used as vessels to create delicate feedback with amplified rice acting as a physical filter. grain studies was composed using material from a larger work that investigates the web of relations between technology, ritual and Asian futurity.

The New Music Festival is programmed in conjunction with the Dartmouth Department of Music with co-sponsorship by the African and African American Studies Program, the Leslie Center for the Humanities and the Program in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Eli Berman (they/she/זיי/זי) is a composer-vocalist, improviser and new instrument builder from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She creates electroacoustic music using experimental vocal techniques across a variety of her ancestral vocal technologies, including khazones (Ashkenazi Jewish cantorial music), Yiddish and Appalachian folk songs, Slovak travnice (traditional women's hay-making songs) and western classical repertoire. Eli's work explores possibilities for embodied, nonbinary experiences of the voice and gender. Eli has premiered her music at multiple festivals including (R)evolution: Resonant Bodies at the Banff Centre, New Music On the Point, Yiddish Summer Weimar, New Explorative Oratorio Voice Festival, Atlantic Music Festival and Gender Unbound. Eli is currently a 2020-2022 Helix Fellow through Yiddishkayt, and she has presented her music and creative research at the 2021 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2020 Pan-American Vocology Association Symposium, and 2019 Transgender Singing Voice Conference. Eli recently graduated with a BA in Music from Princeton University (June 2020).
Armond Dorsey (they/he) is a world-builder who uses their skills as an interdisciplinary artist and researcher to build worlds and spaces that create rituals around fugitivity, (re)imagine the meanings of mundane experiences, heal through storytelling and explore our interconnectedness to (re)envision how we organize with one another. Born and raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, Armond creates artistic work across mediums as a composer-clarinetist, playwright and poet, drawing from the stories Black folk within their community and the diaspora at-large have lived, continue living with, and dream of living in. Armond currently attends Dartmouth College as a first-year MA student in the Digital Music program. In June 2020, they graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in Music modified with Neuroscience alongside a minor in African and African-American Studies.
Piper Hill (he/him) is a songwriter, performer, composer and electroacoustic musician from central Ohio, and is currently in the Digital Musics Master's program at Dartmouth. He went to Oberlin for undergrad. He tried a bunch of different things but right now he's writing game musicals (which include but are not limited to musicals that are games, musicals about games, and musicals that are made out of games). Staunch Comic Sans advocate. PowerPoint enjoyer.
See some of Piper's work >
Olivia Shortt (They/Them: Anishinaabe, Nipissing First Nation) is a performing artist who lives in Tkarón:to as well as the unceded territory of the Abenaki. They are a vocalist, saxophonist, noisemaker, improviser, composer, sound designer, curator and producer. Highlights include their Lincoln Center (New York City) debut in 2018 with the International Contemporary Ensemble, their film debut performing in Atom Egoyan's 2019 film Guest of Honour, as well as recording an album two kilometres underground with Stereoscope in the SnoLAB (Neutrino Lab in Canada). Recent commissions include Long Beach Opera, the JACK Quartet (JACK Studio), a new opera for Loose Tea Music Theatre (Toronto), and Blueridge Chamber Festival (Vancouver, 2022). Shortt was a finalist for the Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award as well as awarded and named one of the 2020 Buddies in Bad Times' Emerging Queer Artists. Shortt is featured in the 2020 Winter edition of Musicworks Magazine.
Learn more about Olivia >
Hamed Sinno is a writer, musician and social justice advocate. Their current research explores digital vocality as a site of political negotiation and dis/embodiment of identarian subjectivities. Sometimes H writes musicals. Sometimes H likes to call them operas. They often write and lecture about popular culture as engaged practice. They have been the lyricist and front-person for Mashrou Leila since 2008, with a BFA from the Department of Architecture and Design at the American University of Beirut. 
Trevor Van de Velde (b. 1998) is a composer and creative technologist interested in the relationship between technology and play. His works explore how our bodies and humanness are digitized, embedded and stored in digital and physical spaces. Trevor's works aim to form a performative interface to discuss topics of cultural identity, techno-culture and digital embodiment. He has written and created electro-acoustic works, sound installations and video games for major new music groups and festivals. He is currently pursuing a MA in Digital Musics at Dartmouth College.

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