Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra Auditions

Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra - Auditions

Auditions generally last 15 minutes and are heard by the DSO conductor and an instrumental teacher from the Dartmouth Music Department or Dartmouth Ensemble director. For winds/brass/percussion students also interested in auditioning for the Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble (DCWE), auditions will be heard simultaneously by Mr. Ciabatti, DSO Conductor and Dr. Messier, DCWE Director.

Audition Requirements:

  • One solo selection or study etude of your choice that best displays your current playing ability: 4-6 minutes of music.
  • Sight-reading.
  • Assigned excerpts for your instrument (DSO interest only)
  • Percussionists: please prepare samples of your playing on at least two instruments highlighting your strongest skills in the percussion section. Contact directors with concerns over instrument access. 

All auditions will take place virtually, via ZOOM. Please fill out the following audition sign-up sheet, to sign up for an audition, and information form to upload a scan of your chosen audition piece or provide a working link for your audition piece. 

Audition Sign-Up: Winds, Brass, Percussion

Audition Sign-Up: Strings

Decisions regarding membership are made within a context defined by the following factors:

  • The level of preparation the player shows at the audition.
  • The relationship between the auditioning player's current level of ability (as displayed in their audition) and the current median technical level of the DSO players.
  • The particular skill set required to successfully manage the part(s) for which the player is auditioning.
  • The player's deportment during their audition.
  • The current personnel needs of the DSO.

Need an instrument? Please contact the Hopkins Center Ensembles Office via email for assistance in this area.

All DSO members are encouraged to audition for Mr. Ciabatti. Members who would like to be considered for principal positions must audition. Current members who have been away in the Spring term, and all wind and brass players, are required to play for Mr. Ciabatti.

Any questions about auditions may be directed to dso@dartmouth.edu.

Audition Excerpts

Bass Clarinet Bass Bass Trombone Bassoon Cello Clarinet Contrabassoon Eb Clarinet English Horn Flute Harp Horn Oboe Percussion Piano Piccolo Tenor Trombone Trumpet Tuba Viola Violin